Navsarjan ministry is based in Australia but have ministry work in Gujarat.


  1. Equipping believers in the word of God and support them in their walk with Christ
  2. To proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ among non-believers
  3. Working in unity with local Churches and building the body of Christ

Rusha Christian in Ahmedabad is our ministry Co-Ordinator.
We have following bible study and prayer fellowship during the week.

  1. Bible Study on phone each week on Tuesday evening
  2. Bible study on basic christian doctrine on Wednesday evening each week.
  3. Fasting and prayer on Thursday each week
  4. Bible study among non-believers women in Amaraiwad on Friday each week
  5. Children ministry on Friday evening each week in Amaraiwadi, Ahmedabad
  6. Bible Study for children in Gota, Ahmendabad on Saturday each week
  7. Bible study on book on Saturday night each week

Rusha provides spiritual mentoring to individual believer.

Rusha distributes bibles to non-believers in different areas of Gujarat. We have easter and
Christmas outreach each year through non-government organizations and schools. We
have monthly outreach through the member of ministry where they invite their non-
believer friends and share the love of Christ and good news of Jesus Christ.
She teaches bible story and about God to non-believer children and encourage them to
memorize the scripture.

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