Navsarjan ministry is based in Australia and I was called with my wife to carry this vision, work,
and ministry in His grace. The Vision was revealed by God in his providence to Rev.
Sanjiv Christian in India in the year 2000. I was settled in India with my wife and two children.
I worked as Assistant/Deputy engineer in the state government and had all worldly comfort. I had no
intentions of leaving India permanently and settling overseas. I and my wife
were involved in the local church and lead the youth ministry team since 1991.
I was privileged to serve God through my involvement with FMPB, RZIM and Haggai ministries.

God had a different plan for us. He allowed such
unpleasant situations which forced me to rethink about my life and all I could
think of was to leave that place and move somewhere else. I and my wife
started praying about His guidance and direction in our life. Our extended
families are settled in US and that was our first choice, but God put Australia
on my heart. We were praying for His guidance and He showed us Australia
twice not knowing the future. I applied for an Australian residency on 30 th
April 1999, but it was not straightforward path and faced many challenges
during the process and one stage it seemed impossible for us to get the
Australian PR. I was not meeting the requirements for Australian PR. I shared
my challenges with Rev Sanjeev in February 2000 who was our pastor at C.N.I
Church, Gandhinagar. He had fasted and prayed, and God revealed to him that
our medical would be cleared in April and our visas would arrive in July and
we would be an ambassador of Christ in Australia. And that’s what happened
and our medical was indeed cleared in April 2000 and we have received call
from Australian embassy in July 2000 to send our passports because visas
were granted. Also with the point system I could recall is just having 105
residency points where the requirement was 110 point but at that time
Government changed the point requirement from 110 to 105 on 27th April 2000
and remained in force only for a month. I knew this was His doing.
We were granted our residency and moved to Australia in 24th August 2000.

We had no friends and family here but just as God took us out from India and
brought to Australia for his ministry. God spoke with my wife on 23 rd of
August 2000 in the morning when we were leaving through Genesis 12 that
leave your country and relatives.God led us to start a monthly prayer group at
our place in Clayton, Victoria with couple of fellow believers in 2001. God
brought his people and first bible study group began in year 2002 with 2
international students, which later grew into a big group of 35 altogether. God
gave me the name for the ministry. Navsarjan means new creation.
“17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed
away; behold, the new has come.” 2 Corinthians 5:17. Navsarjan Ministry is
God’s vision, God’s work of Holy Spirit and God’s ministry.
God has touched many lives in last 19 years and brought them in His kingdom.
God has opened the door in Gujarat, India in year 2016 and raised our
spiritual daughter Rush and called her for full time ministry. She is reaching
out many with gospel of Lord Jesus Christ.

Navsarjan ministry is based in Australia and reaching out people form South
Asian background including Gujarati as well as others. The current territories
of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, India, Pakistan, and Sri
Lanka form South Asia. There are close to 900,000 people from these
countries are living in Australia.
Our burden is to share the good news of Jesus Christ, primarily among people
form South Asian background including Gujarati people. The south Asian
culture, belief and their languages are common ground for us.It is easy to
relate people from south Asian background because of commonalty and common origin.
It is easier to approach the person from south Asian background and build the friendship.
Our prayer is that the God may enable us to reach out everyone from these
countries who lives in Australia with the good news of Lord Jesus Christ.
My prayer is for our brothers and sisters residing in Australia that they also
receive a blessing of being a part of God’s vision, God’s work, and God’s

Alex Christian

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